About Us

Since the early ’50s we’ve been a reference in the metalworking industry, beginning as a small metalworking shop located in Tachira, Venezuela.

Nowadays, with over 70 years of experience in the national and international markets, we rely on a team of highly competent and qualified people committed to excellence.

Our Shop in Veracruz

Our Shop in Veracruz, Mexico is AISC & ISO 9000 certified, and conveniently located in the Gulf of Mexico, only eight miles from Mexico’s most important port in the Atlantic.

PPM Front Panorama
PPM Front Panorama

Our Experience

Our experience integrating mechanical and structural disciplines for the Oil and Gas markets, as well as our experience as a general contractor and erector in complex and changing markets; have allowed us to better understand the challenges our clients face in executing projects.

The recognized, proven, and certified quality that we offer, guarantees products and services that are reference standard in any market. Paired with a sense of responsibility that provides a complete solution for your project needs.

Our Capacity

Our shop in Veracruz has a large installed capacity: 6 CNC beam and angle lines, 6 CNC plate lines, 4 SAW welding lines, 3 Shotblasting lines / cabins, among others.

Our Location

We have a strategical location: Ocean, Truck, Rail links to North America, Atlantic & Pacific access, provide frequent and competitive transport costs.

Our Values

In Preacero we’re guided by respect, integrity and responsibility. We have a commitment to efficiency and improvement, we believe this leads to trust and better cooperation with our clients.

Our Values


Respect starts with self-respect and respect for others. We respect laws, norms and commitments we acquire. We do what we say. We are tolerant of differences. In diversity there is strength. Time is valuable for everyone; thus we are timely, brief and precise.


In Preacero we are honest with ourselves, we are guided by our principles. We believe that truth is the basis for sustaining relationships, we are transparent. We act with justice and in the best interest of the company, ours and others. We do what is right.


We are responsible with those that count on us, knowing that they depend on our best effort to move forward. If we assume a commitment, we honor it and do whatever is in our reach to achieve it. We understand that by sharing, delegating o disowning our responsibility, it doesn’t cease to be ours.


Time is unforgiving. We don’t leave for later what we can solve today. We know that in saving and economizing lies our progress. If we can measure it, we can improve it. We are not guided by arbitrary impressions. Where there is order, there is less waste, accidents, more efficiency and quality. We seek the most practical and simple way to achieve things.


We are self-reliant and seek to go further every day. We strive for personal and professional excellence. We trust our capabilities; change does not worry us, on the contrary, it challenges and encourages us. We understand that autocritique and reflection are the basis of growth. We are the best judge of our work. What we do is a reflection of ourselves and we take pride in doing things well. Constance and discipline let us achieve what we want. Obstacles are never and excuse.

Trust and cooperation

Good relationships are based on trust. Trust in ourselves is the starting point that leads to trust in others. We understand that a chain is a strong as its weakest link. Thus, we are responsible for becoming stronger every day and supporting others in their development. Fear and insecurity make us act without thinking about what we really want or is convenient for us. We recognize that by ourselves we can’t achieve everything. Together we can always achieve more.

Safety Policy

Preacero Pellizzari, C.A. management taking into account their human resource, declares its commitment to uphold the laws y national norms pertaining to Safety and Occupational Health, Industrial and Environmental trough a system that ensures permanent verification and feedback, guaranteeing continuous improvement of the system. Also committing to divulge the importance of these matters for all the personnel.


Preacero Pellizzari has over 70 years of experience in the national and international markets. Relying on a team of highly competent and qualified people committed to excellence.


Carretera Federal 140 Xalapa-Veracruz Km 93 S/N
Colonia Bruno Pagliai, C.P. 91697
Veracruz, Veracruz
(+52) 229 155 2828