Pellizzari Group has over 70 years of experience in the national and international markets. Relying on a team of highly competent and qualified people committed to excellence.

Oil and Gas

The stringent requirements of this sector, the high economic penalties of delays and problems have developed in us a focus on quality above all and a keen awareness of the value of time and responsiveness.

Producing results in an environment that has been highly changing has demanded flexibility and adaptability. These qualities have permeated many aspects of our organization.

The cost and availability of skilled labor and time in these kinds of projects have created constraints that frequently had to be addressed by prefabricating and modularizing in controlled production environments.


Retail and office centers demand working closely with developers, architects and multiple trades to provide solutions to an ongoing design process that requires flexibility to adjust to a much shorter project schedule.

Architectural features demand more creative structural solutions. Our experience as builders of mechanical equipment; fabricating and erecting in seismic countries, has allowed us to provide solutions to demanding structural designs that are well adapted to the resources and conditions of the project location.

For decades we have been a General Contractor in work environments that are challenging and have many limitations to overcome. This allows us to better understand our customers and many of the constraints they face and provide viable solutions.


Our main focus in the residential market has been in midrise solutions and public housing developments. A focus on simple, well integrated designs that are easy to erect (a structure for a typical apartment building can take only 2 to 3 days to erect, even for a construction company that has never even used steel before).

Our focus on exporting has also allowed us to ship hundreds of apartment buildings optimizing transport costs, traceability and identification and preserving integrity of the coating system.


Hotels have been a growing market, the reduction of delivery schedules and reliability have allowed clients to open faster and also include more prefabricated components in their projects, mitigating local labor shortages and abating costs.


Stadiums and gymnasiums provide unique challenges for erection solutions and demanding fabrication tolerances for large trusses and other components.

Architectural features and demanding conditions (specially in seismic countries) create high expectations for the fabrication and erection process. Our experience of fabricating, erecting and in some cases acting as a GC in the construction of stadiums has certainly proven valuable.

Our fabrication facilities have been designed to favor handling with ease large components and being able to deliver them to the client with fewer logistical restrictions.

Industrial Spans

Although not our main area of focus, Industrial spans have been part of our portfolio for decades. As developers, builders and structural fabricators/erectors.

Over time, we have served many industries like steel, aluminum, beverages, food, household products, pharmaceutical, etc.

We are aware of the requirements and restrictions imposed by several industries, more so when the project involves an expansion instead of a grass root development.

Bridges and Viaducts

We hold the AISC bridge and critical fracture certification.

Hundreds of bridge and viaducts have been produced and erected by us over years. We have done so in urban and rural settings. Erecting by several methods, including incremental launching.

Designing, fabricating and erecting the expansion of the bridge over the Panama Canal, while not interrupting traffic is an example of our commitment to work with our customers and provide solutions that satisfy their needs.

We have fabricated and installed elevated rail and metrolines sitting atop of concrete pilings along urban highways for long segments spanning multiples cities and townships.

EPC Projects

In spite of being recognized mainly as a structural steel fabricator, Pellizzari continuously executes Engineering, Procurement and Construction projects, better know as “key in hand”. Integration of many disciplines together with the speed and flexibility that structural steel provides, allow for short delivery times and successful performance.

From bridges, industrial installations, petrochemical, residential, sports and commercial. Pellizzari has shown it’s capacity to structure multidisciplinary teams which deliver to the client an added value and optimum results in each one of their projects.

Quality Inspection

How we make sure that the materials that go through us to our clients are of the best quality.


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