Quality Inspection Process

How we make sure that the materials that go through us to our clients are of the best quality.

Raw Material Reception

Quality, quantity and mill certificate are verified.

The traceability of the project begins.

The raw material is identified according to the traceability and project.

Additional to steel, assembly components (bolting test), welding consumables and coatings are inspected.

Cutting and Drilling Inspection

Sampling inspection of cutting and drilling in the raw material according to the piece shop drawing.

The pieces are code stamped with a die.

Fit-up Inspection

The structural parts are inspected visually and dimensionally at 100% according to shop drawing.

Welding (NDT)

100% of the weld bead are visually inspected.

Surface Preparation Inspection

Surface preparation (shot blasting) is inspected according to the project specifications.

Coating Inspection

The DFT are inspected according to the painting system specifications of the project.

100% of the coating parts are visually inspected.

Piece code label is placed as final release.


Activity carried out by external supplier, however at the reception point, the thicknesses and the surface finished are monitored to verify to compliance to specifications.

Loading and Shipping Inspection

It is verified that all the elements indicated in the dispatch list are shipped.

The correct packaging is verified, according the project specifications.

It is loaded under required by the customer required.


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